How to order in Ryłko online store?

Registration online gives flexibility to our Customers:

  • a possibility to check order history
  • delivery data is saved in their account
  • special offers for online store Customers

If you want to register, click on "registration" link in the sign in view.


When you click on the „registration” link, page with a form to be completed opens (please note the required fields). After successful completing the form, you will get a message to your e-mail (with a link to confirm your registration). After verification you can sign in and start shopping in our online store

Shopping cart

If there are products you want to buy, you need to add them to cart with a button put on every site with product detailed description.



You can choose products from the menu which is divided into collections.
Before we add product to cart, we have to choose corresponding, accessible design and colour, choose a size from the list and specify the number of products you want to buy.



If you want to check the details of your order, you need to click on the cart, which is located in the upper right corner of the page.



 „cart” is placed in the same place on every subpage of our Internet store. In cart you may find the list of products, which you’ve picked. You may find there also quantity, size, price of products, total cost, thumbnails.
In this view you may also find information about  P&P and total cost.




In cart you can:

  • delete products – button „x delete”
  • change number of products – enter different number in „quantity” field
  • proceed to checkout
  • continue shopping

Order finalization

In cart view you have to choose the method of delivery, the method of payment, enter alternative delivery address (if there is any) and click on the button. Then you proceed to the page when you can check your data. If it is OK, you may add a comment in the field below and finalize your shopping – to do it, click on the “Buy” button.



Enjoy your shopping :-)